Kelly Ripa’s 1996 Wedding Photo Posted On 17th Anniversary

kelly ripa

Do you remember what Kelly Ripa looked like in 1996? The talk show host posted a photo from her wedding this week in celebration of her 17th anniversary with Mark Consuelos.

Ripa and Consuelos were married in 1996 and unlike other celebrity couples they’ve remained together for close to two decades.

Ripa wrote on Twitter: I love you Mark Consuelos. Happy anniversary! 17 years feels like 17 days.”

The talkshow host has been happily married to Consuelos for 17 years now but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their arguments. Ripa told People Magazine earlier this month that she is “openly hostile” to Consuelos when he does things like leave the toilet seat up.

Ripa said: “I am openly hostile when Mark leaves the toilet seat up … I don’t think you get past the little pet peeves … Mark never puts the toilet seat back down, and it irritates me. We still fight about it. But it’s OK to fight about things. We’re secure with each other. I don’t feel like if we have an argument, it will be the end of our lives.”

Consuelos may do a few things that upset Ripa but the talk show host insists that she loves everything about her husband.

Ripa continued: “I really do worship Mark. I love everything about him, even his annoying habits. He is the person I was meant to be with forever, and I think he feels the same way.”

Here’s a photo from Kelly Ripa’s 1996 wedding to Mark Consuelos.

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