Tim Tebow Dolphins Rumors Untrue, Stats Comparison Shows Why

The Tim Tebow Dolphins rumors are untrue and Tebow will remain a free agent.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, The Chicago Tribune reported on the Tim Tebow Dolphins rumors, claiming the team has no interest in handing Tim Tebow a major role with the Miami Dolphins franchise even though they’re open to an interview.

Before the recent Tim Tebow rumors began, the former quarterback was released by the New York Jets on waivers and rumors soon pointed to a possible career in the Canadian Football League. While with the Jets Tim Tebow mostly was benched but also was used as a third string quarterback, H-back, punt protector, and wide receiver.

When you do a starting quarterback comparison with Tim Tebow here is how he ranked with the Denver Broncos: QB record: 7-4 (11th), completion percentage: 46.5% (34th, worst), interception percentage: 2.2% (9th), yards per completion: 13.7 (3rd), yards per game: 123.5 (35th), QBR: 72.9 (28th), sacks taken: 33 (12th), sacks percentage when attempting a pass: 10.9% (34th, worst), comebacks led in the 4th quarter: 5 (3rd) and game winning drives: 6 (tied for 2nd).

While statistics show Tim Tebow to be an average-to-below-average NFL quarterback, he was supposedly a fantastic leader with the Broncos, with made a decent turnaround during the season he was with them. But these intangible assets as a team player were not seen worthy enough by the Jets.


The Tim Tebow Dolphins rumors were hurt even by the limited play time during his time at the Jets. Tim Tebow ran for only 102 yards on 32 attempts last season, and one time a quick pass from quarterback Mark Sanchez doinked off Tebow’s helmet.

It’s possible Tim Tebow as a free agent has a chance at being quarterback again with the Canadian Football League or Arena league. If he can improve his throwing a little a NFL team might come calling again.

Did you wish the Tim Tebow Dolphins rumors were true?