Arizona Iced Tea Gets Rapper Arrested [Video]

A man was arrested this week in a parking lot by an off duty officer. Why? Was he selling drugs? Was he publicly intoxicated? Shouting crude comments at strangers? No, it was much worse. Rapper Christopher “Xstrav” Beatty was arrested for drinking Arizona Iced Tea in public.

Yes, Xstrav had the audacity to consume a legal beverage in public.

According to the Global Grind, Xstrav was waiting for friends in the parking lot of an ABC liquor store. To kill the time, the rapper was listening to music, talking to one of his friends, and, gasp, drinking an Arizona Iced Tea.

An officer in plain-clothes spotted the musician and for some reason concluded that he was drinking an alcoholic beverage. The rapper showed the officer the label and told him that he was drinking an Arizona Iced Tea.

But that wasn’t good enough. The officer insisted on taking the beverage. Xstrav refused, however, since the officer never identified himself as a cop.

As Xstrav and the cop continued to argue a man who appears to be extremely intoxicated enters the scene. The officer doesn’t seem to notice this public nuisance and continues to harass the rapper.

The officer accused the rapper of trespassing, had him arrested for drinking an Arizona Iced Tea, and then threatened to arrest his friends.

Here’s the video. Do you think the singer should have handed over the beverage?