Donald Trump Supporters Plotted Assault On Capitol Before Riots, FBI Evidence Suggests

A Saturday report from The Washington Post details new FBI evidence suggesting some Donald Trump supporters coordinated the attack on the U.S. Capitol earlier this month.

The publication noted the FBI was monitoring extremist activity online that allegedly "alarmed" them. Notably, some conversations included "warlike" talk about "convoys" that were headed to the U.S. Capitol. In addition, some supporters shared maps of their purported plans.

"One map posted online described the rally points, declaring them a 'MAGA Cavalry To Connect Patriot Caravans to StopTheSteal in D.C.' Another map showed the U.S. Congress, indicating tunnels connecting different parts of the complex. The map was headlined, 'CREATE PERIMETER,' according to the FBI report, which was reviewed by The Washington Post."
Elsewhere, one user reportedly urged supporters to be "ready to fight."

The publication noted the FBI is still unraveling the extent to which the chaos and violence were coordinated and preplanned. Notably, investigators are looking to determine which supporters fit into one of two categories — like-minded people who gathered for a political rally, and those who organized an "armed assault on the seat of American government."

Pro-Trump protesters gather in front of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC.
Getty Images | Jon Cherry

Thus far, two members of the Proud Boys have been charged with conspiracy linked to the riots. As The Inquisitr reported, the leader of the right-wing extremist group, Enrique Tarrio, was recently reported to have been an FBI informant until 2014. Journalist Mark Ames said the revelation raises questions about the storming of the Capitol and suggested the purported link between Proud Boys and law enforcement is one factor that led to police not responding aggressively to the rioters.

Members of the far-right militant group Oath Keepers were also reportedly involved in the storming of the Capitol. Notably, Jessica Marie Watkins was arrested for conspiracy in connection to the riots and allegedly began organizing and recruiting for an "operation" in early November.

"If [Biden] is [president], our way of life as we know it is over. Our Republic would be over. Then it is our duty as Americans to fight, kill and die for our rights," she reportedly wrote in text messages regarding President Joe Biden's then-possible victory.

Thomas O'Connor, a former FBI agent who spent decades investigating domestic terrorists, claimed right-wing extremist movements have a unique leadership strategy — increase recruitment and radicalization, and then allow individuals and small cells to carry out violent acts. This strategy was allegedly seen in Oath Keepers when Stewart Rhodes, the national leader of the group, made Watkins grow impatient due to a lack of direction in the lead up to the riots.