Alex Jones Is Funded By Billionaires In The ‘Wealthy Class,’ Activist Says

A Saturday report from The Wall Street Journal claimed that the Stop the Steal rally that preceded the storming of the U.S. Capitol was arranged and funded by a group of people that included Publix Super Markets heiress Julie Jenkins Fancelli and radio host Alex Jones.

According to activist and podcaster Rick Smith, who hosts his own eponymous show, Jones is funded by billionaires. Smith also claimed that right-wing talk radio, in general, is “funded by the wealthy class” that has grown its fortune through years of slashing taxes.

“They are able to dominate the airwaves because they have the money to do it,” he tweeted.

“The billionaire class understands division and hatred is the opioid of the masses. They have turned a generation of working people into raving lunatics who care more about bathrooms then paychecks.”

Smith also claimed to have met Jones eight years ago and said he had a “sane” conversation with him.

“While everyone was trying to figure out how he made money I was only interested in if he was crazy or not. I knew how he made money. Billionaires.”

The activist argued that the Republican Party funnels massive amounts of funding to its “messengers” and contended that these funds are how the “right destroys the left.”

“Billionaires understand ROI [Return on Investment],” he wrote.

The activist also argued that right-wing investors have successfully convinced Americans to despise their government and place faith in corporations and the wealthy as the “answer.”

The Wall Street Journal pointed to a funding document linked to Jones’ company and an event organizer that allegedly revealed he pledged over $50,000 in seed funds for the Stop the Steal rally in exchange for a top speaking slot. He also reportedly helped arranged for Fancelli to commit $300,000 via a fundraising official from former President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

The day following the riots, Jones said that an anonymous donor covered approximately 80 percent of the cost of the rally, which is valued at roughly $500,000, ProPublica noted.

According to ProPublica, a January 5 event held by The Eighty Percent Coalition was largely sponsored by Jones.

Jones is a prolific conspiracy theorist who previously explored billionaires and their meetings at Bohemian Grove, Austin Monthly reported. Per The Inquisitr, he also spoke to former Clinton insider Larry Nichols, who said that President Barack Obama was planning to secure a third term and establish an Islamic caliphate in the United States — an assessment Joens agreed with.

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