Barack Obama Planning To Cancel 2016 Election? Alex Jones, Larry Nichols Claim Obama Wants To Set Up ‘Islamic Caliphate’ In America

A rumor that Barack Obama is planning to cancel the 2016 election is making the rounds, thanks in part to a noted conspiracy theorist and a former Clinton insider.

The idea that Obama may be trying to impose martial law or orchestrate some other sort of crisis in order to remain in power is not new, and in fact has been circulating for months. But the conspiracy theory found new life this week during a show hosted by Alex Jones.

In an interview with former Jones, former Clinton insider Larry Nichols said he believes Obama is planning to orchestrate a third term and that only Bill and Hillary Clinton would be able to stop him.

“The key to this is watch Joe Biden,” Nichols said. “If Joe Biden gets in the race, you can count on it with everything you’ve got, Obama is going to stay and will do everything he can to stay there.”

From there, Nichols’ rant turned into a quasi-racist rant against Obama, claiming that he has plans to set up an Islamic caliphate in the United States. Jones agreed with the assessment, but added that living under Obama’s “Islamic rule” might be better than the communism he claimed Hillary Clinton would institute.

Alex Jones has come under fire for his conspiracy theories in the past, including repeated claims that national tragedies are “false flag” attacks orchestrated by the government.

This is also not the first time someone has floated a theory that Barack Obama will cancel the 2016 presidential election. The rumors, which exist mostly in the far edges of the right wing conspiracy realm, have been around for weeks and tend to pop up surrounding major events.

When protesters, angry over the death of Freddie Gray, took to the streets of Baltimore for demonstrations that turned into riots, some claimed that Obama would plan to institute martial order and ultimately postpone the 2016 elections.

Those conspiracy theories fizzled as the demonstrations in Baltimore wound down, but others have furthered the idea as well. Ben Carson, a Republican presidential candidate who the Associated Press notes is rising in the polls, said a number of times that he believes the 2016 election may not happen at all.

In an interview with liberal talk show host Alan Colmes last year, before he announced his candidacy, Carson hinted that the nation was headed for major strife.

“If in fact we continue to have all these decrees being made the way they’re being made, if in fact we don’t fight the kind of war that needs to be fought in order to really put an end to the threat that is brought on by ISIS, if we continue along a pathway of financial irresponsibility, if we continue along a path of envy, greed, and hatred — what happened with Occupy Wall Street will be a cakewalk compared to what will begin to happen in this country.”

When Colmes asked about the possibility that Obama could cancel or postpone the 2016 election, Carson didn’t offer details.

“I don’t want to find out, I really don’t want to find out,” Carson said. “I don’t want to continue down this pathway that we are going down. This pathway where everything is framed in a political sense and our representatives are not working for the people, they’re working for their party.”

But others note there is no way Obama could cancel the 2016 election, and have pointed to repeated predictions from Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists that never came to pass as proof.

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