‘WandaVision’ Writer Says A Lot Of Fan Theories Have The Right Idea, Mentions Mephisto

Caitlin Albers - Author

Jan. 29 2021, Updated 11:00 a.m. ET

WandaVision is quite possibly the most unique project ever produced by the geniuses at Marvel Studios. The oddity of the show has made it one of the most theorized about projects in the MCU, as fans dissect every frame and word spoken for clues as to what might be going on. The series is now four episodes in, with January 29’s episode the most-discussed thus far.

As more and more fan theories begin to develop, the fandom becomes closer to figuring out the specifics behind what is happening in Westview and why. WandaVision head writer Jac Schaeffer recently caught up with SYFY WIRE to talk about all the speculation regarding the show and how excited she is that viewers are embracing it.

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Schaeffer admitted she was worried about the MCU series, seeing as it was the most unique production Marvel Studios had ever developed. She went on to explain that the week-by-week basis of WandaVision was nerve-wracking, as MCU fans have been used to getting all their content within a few hours at one sitting. WandaVision spans over nine episodes for an eight-week run, but the fandom has been surprisingly patient with its format. The series has been welcomed with open arms and fans are loving what they are seeing so far.

Schaeffer then went on to say a lot of her anxieties were eased thanks to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.

“I guess it’s silly [to have worried] because Kevin knows all, and he felt confident in it,” she noted. “But, it’s a huge sigh of relief that people are on board. It’s been like Christmas.”

It’s been like Christmas for viewers as well who routinely flood Reddit and other social media sites with their wildest assumptions about the plot, many of which Schaeffer said are right on the money.

“It’s so much fun to see that. I have seen them. I think I’ve seen all of them,” she said. “There are a lot of theories out there that are picking up what we’re putting down, and there are ones that are super off-base.”

The writer also mentioned Mephisto, the character many viewers are suspecting is the show’s big bad. She played coy with the character, seeming like she couldn’t remember his name, which could have been to thwart the popular theory. Otherwise, it’s possible Mephisto isn’t a villain looming in the shadows. The big bad could actually be the Grim Reaper or Nightmare, characters who have both also been theorized about.

“The theorizing is fantastic,” Schaeffer continued. “I love it, I love reading it, I love that it is indicative of a level of enthusiasm that I wish for every writer to experience in their audience.”


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