Chilling ‘WandaVision’ Theory Suggests Everyone In Westview Is Dead

WandaVision is three episodes into the nine-episode series and it’s already become one of the most discussed Disney+ programs. The show’s unique nature has prompted MCU fans to inspect the show frame by frame, digging for Easter eggs all along the way. After Episode 3 premiered over the weekend, a slew of new fan theories popped up across the internet regarding what exactly is happening in Westview.

A new fan theory on Reddit suggested that all of the town’s residents are actually dead. Redditor u/bplacencia proposed the theory that was slightly hinted at in Friday’s episode. Wanda and Vision’s next door neighbor Herb seemed to glitch while trimming his hedges and began to cut right into the stone wall separating their properties. Despite Vision telling Herb he had messed up, the neighbor just kept cutting into the wall as if he had no control.

In a scene shortly after, Vision stumbled upon Agnes talking to Herb outside when things got a little weird. The pair questioned Vision about Geraldine, pointing out that she is new in town but has no family or home. Herb then tried to say something to Vision but was cut off by Agnes who shook her head at him. He began to say “we are all…” twice but was never able to finish his sentence.

The proposal suggested that Herb was trying to say “we are all dead.” The “we” would include Vision, who met his demise twice at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

The theorist went on to explain that Geraldine (who is actually Monica Rambeau) and Wanda are the only two characters who are alive and that the latter was sent into the alternate reality to help Wanda escape.

“Monica and S.W.O.R.D. are trying to take Wanda out of that reality because the longer she stays, the stronger that reality becomes, thus reviving everyone and subsequently bringing to life Mephisto or the Grim Reaper,” part of the theory read.

Notorious Marvel villains Mephisto and the Grim Reaper have both been hinted at in the series so far, but there has been no confirmation of either at this point in time.

In the comments section of the Reddit thread, many agreed with the idea proposed. Others filled in the blanks from Herb’s open-ended statement, with what they believed he was trying to say.

Some fans suggested he was going to say “we are all trapped,” “we are all ghosts,” “we are all Wanda,” and “we are prisoners.”

More will be revealed next Friday when Episode 4 hits the streaming platform.

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