Adam Kinzinger Says Marjorie Taylor Greene Is A ‘RINO’

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger discussed the controversies surrounding Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, his fellow Republican House member.

Per The Hill, speaking with New Day host John Berman, Kinzinger argued that his colleague should not even be considered a Republican.

“Well let’s be clear, she’s not a Republican. I mean, she may be like this new definition of Republican, but that’s — that’s kind of a RINO thing and Republican in name only.”

Berman pushed back, pointing out that Greene is a member of the House Education and Labor Committee.

“I personally don’t think she should have any committees,” Kinzinger replied, but the host noted that Greene is not only on important House committees, but also popular with Republican voters, given that she was able to win the GOP primary and ultimately prevailed in the general election.

Kinzinger nonetheless insisted that Greene should not be considered a Republican, but conceded that some conservatives view him as a RINO.

“In this moment, I don’t think she in any way can define the party, and everybody calls me a RINO and I’m as conservative as anybody out there,” he said.

Kinzinger was also asked if he if he felt there was a place for him in the GOP, but said “I don’t know how to answer that.”

The congressman stressed that he would not become an independent, but seemed to leave the door open to joining his colleagues across the aisle.

“It’ll be in the Republican or the Democratic Party,” he said, adding that he still supports the GOP.

As The Hill noted, Greene attracted national attention after it was revealed that she is a follower of the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to which former President Donald Trump is on a mission to rid the U.S. government of Satan worshipers.

Before being elected to Congress, Greene amplified and spread various conspiracy theories on social media and even expressed support for violence against Democratic politicians.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene at the new year's opening session in Washington, DC.

In August last year, when Greene defeated her primary opponent, Kinzinger called on all Republicans to disavow the QAnon movement. “Now it’s time for leaders to come out and denounce it,” he said at the time, according to Politico.

Greene has continued to generate controversy. Earlier this month, the congresswoman filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. She accused him of using the power of his office to enrich members of his family, including his son Hunter Biden.