SwipenSnap 'Shark Tank' Update: Find Out How The Diaper Cream Applicator Is Doing Today

SwipenSnap already found a big audience online for its diaper cream applicator, and now the company is looking for some Shark Tank cash to go along with it.

The outfit, which makes a product that dishes out diaper cream for parents trying to keep a hand on their little ones, is one of four featured on the January 22 episode of the ABC reality series. They are seeking some investment cash from the Sharks that could help grow even more, though they appeared to have already found some success with busy parents.

The idea for the business came from founder and CEO Alina Kravchenko, who had a baby at age 23 in 2009 when the economy collapsed and was unable to find steady employment. As Kravchenko explained on the SwipenSnap website, she worked three odd jobs while pregnant and found it both physically and emotionally taxing.

But Kravchenko also had an entrepreneurial spark and found a way to turn her difficult situation into an idea for a business.

"I had always dreamed of being an inventor as a child, I had a journal filled with various products that could make people's lives easier," she shared. "When I became a single mom and was faced with the struggles of applying the messy water-resistant ointment on my son while trying to keep one hand on him at all times (as my pediatrician strongly urged me to, to prevent him from falling). I thought about all of the parents that had to face the same problem, over and over again."

As The Cinemaholic noted, the outfit has earned some big praise from customers and accolades from parenting news outlets. The report noted that it was named to The Every Mom's list of the "Top 5 Products That Make Parenting So Much Easier." It also made the "Best New Baby Gear of 2020" list from Fatherly.com.

The company has also used its social media presence to share some of the glowing reviews they have received from real mothers, many of whom praised the convenience of the product. While SwipenSnap didn't reveal sales figures, they appear to be doing well. In a November 2019 update on the SwipenSnap Facebook page, the company told followers that they had already earned the "Amazon's Choice" label on the online retailer after having been listed for only a week.

It was unclear ahead of the Shark Tank airing whether SwipenSnap was able to earn any investments.