Meghan McCain Calls For ‘Intellectual Consistency’ From Republican Party On Actions Of ‘MAGA Supporters’

The View panelist Meghan McCain has called for “intellectual consistency” from the Republican party regarding the actions of MAGA supporters who stormed the Capitol building and caused the death of five people and multiple injuries of others.

In an Instagram post seen here, Meghan demanded her party hold the president and those involved with the dramatic January 6 incident accountable when rioters, who believed unfounded allegations of election fraud that Donald Trump posted on social media, stormed the federal building.

She implored Republicans to hold Trump and MAGA supporters to the same standards they would hold a Democratic president if he had acted in the same manner.

Meghan shared that people are really worried about violence on Inauguration Day.

She said in a direct message to both Republicans and Democrats that this cannot stand and there have to be ramifications for what happened that day.

Her statement, in its entirety, was shared on The Wrap.

Meghan called the Capitol incident one of the “worst domestic terror attacks in our history.”

She continued by stating that facts are stubborn things. She said if former United States President Barack Obama had incited this kind of riot, there would be absolute bedlam worse than what we are seeing now.

“So the problem I’m having now, and I’m just speaking to my own party — there has to be intellectual consistency in this,” she implored.

Meghan remarked that Republicans always go on television and say that uphold law and order, ideals, and ramifications for people that screw with America. She asked why then, would it be different when it came to MAGA supporters?

The View host and daughter of the late United States Senator from Arizona, John McCain, said this was where she was really confused. She remarked that Republicans let this stand and if they did not vote 100% for impeachment, the 25th amendment, “anything and everything to get him out now,” Meghan claimed an existential threat of violence would still be there.

Her fans and followers appeared to stand with her statements.

“This is John McCain’s daughter. And I simply love this woman too. You make your father proud,” wrote one follower in the comments section of the post.

“WOW, Meghan McCain, normally I don’t agree with you on a lot of issues. However, this time you hit it out of the park. Each word that came from your lips was were right on target,” penned a second Instagram user.

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