Donald Trump’s Niece Says GOP Will ‘Own This Disaster Forever’ If He Isn’t Removed And Convicted

In a recent interview, Donald Trump’s niece stressed how important she feels it is for her uncle to be removed from office and convicted for his alleged role in Wednesday’s protests at Capitol Hill, pointing out that failure to do so would severely tarnish the legacy of the Republican Party.

Speaking to The Guardian for a piece that was published on Sunday, psychologist and author Mary Trump sounded off on the riots, telling the publication that she was shocked by the “tawdriness” of the chaos that took place while lawmakers gathered to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. She added that the violent protests represented the four years of her uncle’s presidency “distilled to its very essence” and that they brought out the worst in his supporters because of how “enabled and emboldened” they were.

After stressing that lawmakers need to “act quickly” to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove the head of state before his term officially ends, Mary Trump told The Guardian that Vice President Mike Pence likely won’t be the one to do this because she sees him as the “biggest coward on the planet.” She also opined that the Cabinet members who resigned earlier in the week didn’t do so because they object to what took place on Wednesday but rather because they are concerned about the political implications of having been part of the Trump administration.

The psychologist went on to say that the Republican Party will “own this disaster forever” if it does not vote to convict Trump for leading his supporters to riot. She also maintained that the people who stormed the Capitol should be brought to justice for their participation in the protests.

“Every person that stormed – or should I say, strolled, and meandered, with impunity, arrogance and disdain – into the Capitol needs to be arrested, indicted, convicted and given serious sentences. They desecrated the foundations of our democracy.”

Given that Trump has less than two weeks remaining in office, his niece explained that his perceived mental instability is the most important reason why he has to be removed as soon as possible. She discussed how the president had repeatedly challenged the legitimacy of mail-in ballots and replaced high-ranking Department of Defense officials with “sycophants.” This, the author explained, is why the Pentagon allegedly prevented the National Guard from quelling Wednesday’s chaos in a timely manner.

In conclusion, Mary Trump warned that Americans should not underestimate her uncle and should realize that he is “capable of doing anything” in the 10 days before Biden is inaugurated.

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