Trump Supporters Smeared Poop Inside Capitol During Riot, Report Claims

A picture of the outside of the U.S. Capitol.
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Some of the supporters of Donald Trump who stormed the U.S. Capitol this week left poop spread across hallways, a report claims.

The New York Daily News reported that some of the rioters who surrounded and broke into the Capitol following a rally from the president on Wednesday defecated in a bathroom and “then smeared their extremist excrement around the building, leaving behind brownish ‘foot-prints.'” The source told the newspaper that it looked like the rioters had “tracked it around” inside the building, where members of Congress were taking shelter as the group broke windows and doors to gain entry.

As the outlet noted, throngs of people besieged the building after Trump implored them to show strength, telling the group that he was going with them to the Capitol. Instead, the president allegedly returned to the White House where he watched the events unfold on television, with a report claiming that he watched in enjoyment.

There have been reports of other forms of vandalism and destruction during the riot, including a small number who gained access to the offices of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. One man was photographed sitting at a desk in an office she occupied, putting his feet on a desk. The same man, identified as Richard Barnett, later showed reporters a piece of mail that he claimed to have taken from her desk. He was arrested on Friday.

As 11Alive reported, a tribute to late Rep. John Lewis was also destroyed during the riot. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer shared a photo of the memorial to the longtime congressman and civil rights leader, who died last year.

Other images that were taken after police had cleared the area showed widespread destruction, including broken windows and doors along with fire extinguishers that had been emptied in hallways. A total of five people died during the siege, including a Capitol police officer who was reportedly hit with a fire extinguisher and a woman identified as a Trump supporter who was shot while trying to climb through a broken window that led to a hallway just outside the House chambers.

In the wake of the attack, many on the left have called for Trump to be removed from office, either through a second impeachment or the use of the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment, which lays out the process for a president to be taken out of power when they are incapable of carrying out their duties. Some Republicans have now expressed support for this, despite less than two weeks remaining in Trump’s presidency.