Florida Man Repeatedly Calls 911 For Kool-Aid And Weed

Robert Jonathan

St. Petersburg, FL - A man definitely got the wrong number on Sunday when he allegedly called 911 approximately 80 times to request a home delivery of Kool-Aid, burgers, and weed.

The suspect was unable to get the combo meal that he was after despite his incessant calling to the 911 dispatcher, which the police didn't regard as "cool." Instead of fast food, he was sent on the fast track to the lockup.

The suspect, identified as Jarvis Sutton, 34, was arrested and taken to the Pinellas County jail. He must have been really hungry because while he was in custody in the back of the squad car, "he started chewing foam attached to the metal caging in the back of the police cruiser."

The suspect was charged with misusing the 911 system and, as of this morning, was still in jail in lieu of $150 bond.

There is history of people across America calling 911 for cigarettes, a divorce, or any number of food-related complaints.

In this instance, the burgers and weed combination is perhaps understandable, given the likelihood of munchies. But Kool-Aid?

In case you were unaware that Kool-Aid (which is owned by Kraft Foods) was still in business, last month the company unveiled its new Kool-Aid Man and noted that in addition to getting a new look, the CGI mascot will also be given a new personality.

The re-booted computer-generated Kool-Aid Man will do much more than just break through walls and shout "oh yeah." Instead, the new Kool-Aid Man will be shown as a celebrity trying to fit in with normal people.

Kool-Aid is the official soft drink of the state of Nebraska. Inventor Edwin Perkins created the product in 1927 in Hastings, Nebraska.

In pop culture, "drinking the Kool-Aid" is usually a reference to people who blindly follow a political leader or movement no matter what.

Do you think Kraft might consider incorporating the St. Petersburg 911 caller for Kool-Aid into its marketing campaigns?