Man Claims Post Office Lost His Wife’s Ashes

A Florida man claims the post office lost his wife’s ashes. Patsy Raymer, age 67, passed away on April 18 after a long illness. Her husband of 37 years, Stan, was devastated to learn that her ashes were lost in the mail.

Stan remembers his wife as a “wonderful woman” and says that he and his wife were always very close. Patsy suffered for years, losing her battle with illness last month.

Friends and family remember Patsy on a “Tribute Wall” website. They share memories of “bowling … in Greece,” “window shopping,” gardening, and “dreaming big.”

Prior to a memorial service, Patsy’s remains were cremated and separated into three matching urns.

As reported by WFTV, Stan kept the largest urn, and planned to give the smaller urns to his two children, Amy and Douglas. As Douglas lives in Las Vegas, Stan mailed the urn from the Altamonte Springs Post Office via priority mail.

His son Douglas should have received the package on April 25. Unfortunately, Stan claims that the post office lost his wife’s ashes. They never arrived at Douglas’ home.

Stan contends that the package was clearly marked as “human remains.” His daughter Amy is devastated. She states: “A piece of my mom is missing. Regardless of what it is, a piece of my mom is missing.”

Ashes Lost By Post Office

The postal service website indicates that the package never left Altamonte Springs. Postal supervisors at the Tampa regional center have stated that they are investigating the situation and are attempting to locate the package.

Stan and his children are hopeful that the urn will be found. He states that he “just want[s] to find out where she is.”

As of Tuesday, Stan had been in contact with the post office about losing his wife’s ashes, but they still have not found the urn. They have confirmed that he had the correct tracking number for the package.