‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Teaser Trailer Explains Masks [Video]

Call of Duty: Ghosts has just landed a teaser trailer explaining masks.

Call of Duty has been one of the bestselling game franchises in the history of the first-person shooter genre, giving us a series of realistic scenarios alongside an incredibly playable wartime plot. It could be said that it’s the draw of shooter fans who don’t like Halo.

Not much is known about Call of Duty: Ghosts, other than that it will feature the use of masks with skulls painted on them and it is planned to be released November 5 for the next generation consoles, alongside the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It is also planned to be shown live at the Xbox 720 (or Xbox Fusion, if rumors are correct) unveiling event on May 21.

The teaser trailer plays with the mosaic that we’ve seen in ads for the game, which when put together show a skull.

The Call of Duty: Ghosts teaser trailer begins with what looks like a Spartan warrior in full armor standing in a rubble-littered pathway in front of what appears to be a run-down house. We get a close-up to where we see his eyes and mouth through the slits. We then see another man with a silverish mask and a metallic sleeve on one arm, well-muscled and holding a sword and shield.

The voiceover starts, “There are those who wear masks to hide.”

Other masks shown off are one that seems to be nondescript, and one that looks like a metallic Tiki mask with feral teeth. One is basically makeup and what looks like a feather mustache under a massive headdress.

“And those who wear masks to show us what they stand for.”

We see a man in what looks like full Samurai armor, and one wearing a military aircraft helmet.

“To inspire. To unite. To defy. To strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.”

The rest of the trailer is above.

What do you think of the Call of Duty: Ghosts teaser trailer about masks?