‘Fuse’ Trailer Shows Bad Guys’ Perspective [Video]

Fuse has a new trailer that shows us the game from the bad guys’ point of view.

Fuse was initially announced early on as Overstrike, due to the organization of the protagonists, and renamed in August 2012. The game is set in the near future, and is about a team of misfit agents called Overstrike 9, who infiltrate enemy strongholds with gadgets and teamwork. Their aim is the take down a shadowy organization run by a man named Fable, who is threatening to wipe out mankind.

The game is a four-player co-op team espionage title (as far as we know) that uses high-tech weaponry. Fuse is the substance that mankind was never supposed to get ahold of. This isn’t just a game about shooting enemies and upgrading guns.

Insomniac Games president Ted Price has said about the game, “I think it’s easy to overlook the story and messages that are in a lot of games that may be perceived as purely combat. Fuse has a story-driven game and it asks the question, ‘What happens when humans get their hands on this substance they were never supposed to have? How do people use and abuse unlimited power?'”

The trailer for Fuse begins with what appears to be a highly advanced militarized base at the top of a mountain range. Red flags decorate the edges of a metallic walkway and helicopters loom in the distance.

A voiceover starts in, “What we’re about to do will remake the world.”

We see two men in high-tech suits carrying a transparent drum of something that appears to be an electrical storm or some highly unstable substance, most likely Fuse. A truck is driving into the facility, which appears to be the inside of a military stronghold.

We then see a highly electrified title sequence for Insomniac Games and EA.

Another voiceover starts, “Fuse will change the way we go to war.”

Two men in hazardous material suits are working away near some heavy machinery. A man is revealed as a large cylindrical machine separates, indicating it’s some kind of enhancement machine. The camera zooms around and we see him go feral as the voiceover continues, “The way we hunt. The way we profit.”

We see two people outside in regular clothes alongside a helicopter as a hover craft sits in the air, bobbing up and down. Then we see a satellite against a planet profile.

The rest of the trailer is above.

What do you think of this trailer for Fuse?

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