Woman Who Found Baby On Hawaii Beach Arrested

The woman who found a baby on a Hawaii beach has been arrested. Keala Simeona, age 21, was arrested and has been named as the child’s mother.

Simeona contacted authorities on Monday, reporting that an infant had been abandoned on Sandy Beach in Honolulu. She told the police that she was parked on the beach when she heard several people screaming around midnight.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Simeona stated that the screaming eventually stopped and she left her car to see what happened.

She reported that she found a newborn female infant, naked in the sand. Simeona took the baby to a nearby hospital. The eight-pound newborn was healthy and did not display any signs of trauma.

Simeona denied any involvement with the child, stating that she simply found the baby on the beach.

As reported by NBC News, the woman who found the baby on a Hawaii beach has now been arrested. Officials have not conducted DNA testing, but they have identified Simeona as the child’s mother.

Simeona has been charged with filing a fictitious police report. She was released in $250 bond and will appear in court at a later date. Authorities do not expect to file any further charges against the mother at this time.

Police will request DNA testing to confirm that Simeona is the infant’s mother. The newborn’s father has not been identified.

The infant, who is being called “Baby Sandy,” is currently in temporary custody of the Department for Human Services. They have not commented in the current developments. The child’s custody will eventually be determined by the Family Court.

On Tuesday, NBC News reported that police did not consider Simeona a suspect. Police did not release any further information about the investigation, or how they concluded that Simeona was the child’s mother.

The woman, who was considered a hero yesterday, has now been arrested for abandoning her baby on the Hawaii beach.

[Image via Flickr]