Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Obrecht’s Scheming, Britt’s Uncertain, & Maxie’s Tickled Pink

The latest General Hospital spoilers promise big developments this week. The sneak peek for Monday’s show shared via Twitter provides a few glimpses into what everybody can expect from the December 28 episode.

Carly will navigate what could be a difficult conversation with Chase. However, SheKnows Soaps suggests that she’ll manage to get through it without tipping off the PCPD as to how much she knows.

In the meantime, Jason will quietly connect with Britt at General Hospital. It appears that she’ll be struggling as she tries to make sure she’s choosing the right “side.” This seems likely to be related to Jason needing her help in dealing with Cyrus and her decision could have a major impact on where this all heads next.

After learning about the strife between Jordan and Curtis due to her lying to her husband about Taggert, Molly realized she had to be truthful with TJ. General Hospital spoilers signal that she will tell her significant other that she slept with someone else a few months ago. It seems that she’ll try to leave out the fact that it was Brando, but TJ will want to know who was involved.

As for Jordan and Curtis, he might find that he just can’t forgive his wife for lying about Taggert’s death. Could this really be the end of Curtis and Jordan?

Michael and Willow have been dancing around their feelings for one another since Nelle died. They slept together and both agreed they were attracted to one another and were in no rush to divorce. However, learning that Sasha and Chase never truly cheated on them has left everybody rather uncertain about what’s next.

During Monday’s episode, General Hospital teasers reveal that Willow will mention that “they” will just end up hurting each other. While the clip makes it seem she’s saying this to Michael about their relationship, it certainly could be that she’s talking about Chase and the possibility of reuniting with him.

It appears that General Hospital viewers will see plenty of action involving Franco, Obrecht, and Scott during the December 28 show too. Scott and Obrecht are desperate to cover their tracks in regard to Dr. Kirk’s death, and their sketchy maneuvers have Franco confused.

Franco will ask why they’re not doing something through official channels. Scott appears a bit anxious over how to get through this, but Obrecht will probably find a way to smoothly convince Franco that all is well as they prepare to return to Port Charles.

Maxie and Peter have learned that they are expecting a baby girl. General Hospital spoilers share that Maxie will get giddy over something that Peter says and it sounds as if that will spark an idea for a baby name.

All signs point toward Monday’s show being one that is jam-packed with drama that should set the stage for the next few shows. General Hospital fans have a lot to look forward to and won’t want to miss these last few 2020 developments.