‘Super Drunk’ Principal Faces 180 Days In Jail For DUI [Video]

A Michigan elementary school principal got “super drunk” earlier this month. Seriously, Kim Warren, 44, was arrested under the city of Novi’s “Super drunk” ordinance.

According to ABC, two people called the police on on April 8 after they saw a car swerving down the road. Warren was later arrested in the Deerfield Elementary School parking lot.

The school principal was charged for driving while “super drunk.” According to WXYZ, the classification is reserved for people with a blood alcohol content higher than .17 percent or twice the legal limit. Warren reportedly took two breathalyzer tests and registered a .21 and then .20.

Warren was also charged with having an open bottle of vodka in the car.

Despite the evidence against her the school principal entered a plea of not guilty this week. If the school principal is convicted under the “super drunk” ordinance, she will face up to 180 days in jail.

The Novi Community School District sent a letter to parents saying that the principal has been placed on paid leave.

The letter reads: “This is an unfortunate set of circumstances and out of character for Ms. Warren … Up until this event, Ms. Warren has served the Deerfield Community and our district well.”

Here’s a video of the school principal’s arrest. At one point in the video, Warren slips out of her handcuffs and tries to give them back to the officers.