Kristin Cavallari Sacrificing Acting Career For Family

MTV reality star Kristin Cavallari has put her acting career “on hold,” a new interview reveals, because working in Hollywood would be too much of a strain on her new family.

Kristin Cavallari and Chicago Bears player Jay Cutler (who recently had an 80s bash to celebrate his birthday) are parents to a new baby — and if Cavallari wants to keep acting, the work would require the engaged couple to spend a lot of time apart.

Cavallari opened up about balancing a career in showbiz with a small baby and a husband-to-be, and The Hills’ star says she would have to make some concessions that might be hard for her family.

Kristin admits:

“I’ve passed on a couple of things that would have kept me here in L.A. because my fiancé Jay has to be in Chicago, so if I was here, we would never see each other … The sacrifices we make for love … ”

Cavallari says she fears getting lost in her work and losing her impending marriage in the process — she explains:

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in your career and have that be your only focus, and I want my marriage to work and last — and family comes first … The design work is great because I can do most of it from Chicago and I have so much fun with it. I love it and it all works out.”

Focusing on her family and not acting leaves Kristin with a lot of time to also devote to health and fitness — a topic she says has been forefront since her recent pregnancy.

With all the time she has now not spent on acting, she explains that keeping in shape has taken a top spot. She gushes:

“I gained 25 pounds [when pregnant,] which is what I was supposed to gain, and since then I have been choosing more of a plant-based diet. I work out four times a week and just try to live healthy … It was more toward the end of my pregnancy that I started thinking about the products I would be buying and using, and started reading labels.”

Kristin Cavallari says that she will only use organic products on baby Camden and that she shies away from non-organic foods.