‘EVE Universe: Origins’ Lands Trailer [Video]

EVE Universe: Origins has landed a new trailer.

Developer CCP has begun development on a new title in the EVE series, a science fiction MMORPG based in space where galaxies are interconnected by a series of wormholes. EVE Online allowed players to participate in different professions such as miner, pirate, explorer, and soldier, just to name a few.

In EVE Universe: Origins, one such wormhole, used as the primary distribution route to a new planet for Earth’s recolonization, collapses and leaves everyone on the planet stranded and in dire need. As always, humans will be humans, and people start fighting over the resources.

The trailer begins with a picture of Earth half-lit by the Sun as a voice-over starts in:

“Earth. The origin of our ancestors.”

We see a fleet of large space vessels flying by with the moon in the distance. They start leaping forward and we see a wormhole.

“A century had passed since they discovered the EVE gate. A wormhole: Passage to a new corner of the universe. New Eden: It was the largest colonization effort in the history of man.”

We see the fleet of ships approaching a new planet and hovering. A flash of light shoots from a large structure near the planet. Then we see some of the metallic structures scattered about the surface of the planet.

“The mass settlement of hundreds of strange new worlds. We thought nothing could stop us.”

We see someone in a white suit lift their visor and look at the sky as the wormhole collapses.

“After the EVE gate collapsed, countless colonies perished.”

We see the ruins of some colonies and many space vessels.

“The scattered survivors forgot the old world. Fragments of mankind, light years apart, lost contact. Thousands of dark years passed until humanity rose again to be with the stars.”

The rest of the trailer is above.

What do you think of the trailer for EVE Universe: Origins?