'Attack On Titan' Chapter 135 Spoilers: Founding Titan's Secret Power Revealed!

The latest chapter of Attack on Titan manga, which is titled "Battle of Heaven and Earth," featured the continuation of the battle between Eren Yeager and the remaining members of the Survey Corps, who are trying to stop the Rumbling. Attack on Titan Chapter 135 showed Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi Ackerman, Jean Kirstein, Connie Springer, Reiner Braun, and Pieck Finger successfully landing on the back of Eren, who transformed into a massive Titan made of skeletons.

Armin was about to proceed with their plan to create a huge explosion by turning into a Colossal Titan, but he was devoured by a monster that made a surprise appearance at his back. According to Nick Diaz of Comic Book, Eren just displayed one of the secret abilities of the Founding Titan, which was to summon all the Nine Titans throughout the ages.

"Soon, the others are quickly overwhelmed by a group of other Titans that are looking incredibly familiar. Pieck pieces together that these Titans are actually the Nine Titans from throughout the ages. Although it's hard to tell whether or not each of them has a mind of their own, it's clear that the Founding Titan has the ability to summon an infinite number of these Titans that were specifically bred with the ultimately battle capabilities as we have seen in action through the rest of the series."

Eren faces the Armored Titan.
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With Eren's ability to summon the Nine Titans, it became more difficult for the Survey Corps to accomplish their mission. The Survey Corps wouldn't only need to deal with Eren, Zeke Yeager, and the Colossal Titans, but also the other monsters that once created havoc in the entire world.

After Eren activated his scary power, the chapter featured the Survey Corps fighting for their lives. Connie and Jean were already running out of Thunder Spears, while the three Titans who were fighting on their side - Armin, Reiner, and Piece - were starting to get overwhelmed. Though he's still alive, Armin remains inside the mouth of one of the enemies and losing hope that they could accomplish their goal.

Meanwhile, Reiner's body was bitten by the Colossal Titan controlled by Bertolt Hoover. Luckily, Reiner managed to survive. After learning about Eren's secret power, Pieck immediately made a move and targeted Eren's nape. Unfortunately, before she could set off the explosives, she was impaled by the War Hammer Titan.

The final scenes showed the arrival of a Flying Titan controlled by Falco Grice at the battle's location. Falco, together with Gabi Braun and Annie Leonhart, saved Mikasa, Reiner, Jean, Connie, and Levi from being devoured by the enemies.