Julian Assange Will Likely Die In Prison Without A Pardon From Donald Trump, Journalist Says

Journalist Glenn Greenwald issued a dire prediction on Sunday about the future for Julian Assange — who is currently imprisoned in London, England — without the help of a pardon from Donald Trump.

"I think it's very likely Assange will die in prison absent a pardon from Trump (and establishment liberals, being the deranged sociopaths they are, are totally fine with that outcome)," he tweeted.

Assange is currently being held for leaking classified United States intelligence that exposed government corruption. He is now awaiting a decision on his extradition to America, which is expected to be settled on January 4, 2021.

In recent weeks, various politicians and celebrities have called for Trump to pardon Assange. Notably, film director Oliver Stone and model Pamela Anderson both recently expressed their support for the journalist, whose physical and mental state has allegedly deteriorated since his arrest.

During a talk with RT's Going Underground, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters claimed that the United Kingdom's government would do anything to help the United States punish the WikiLeaks founder.

"The powers that be are hoping that Julian will die in prison," he said.

Trump recently said he would be looking into the possibility of offering clemency to Edward Snowden, who has worked with Assange. According to Greenwald, this course of action would anger only government officials who have been abusing their power.

"The only people who would be angered by a pardon of Snowden would be the Deep State operatives who have spent years buried in the security state agencies and thus believe they have the right to abuse its powers -- the abuses Snowden revealed & denounced." he tweeted.

Julian Assange gestures to the media from a police vehicle on his arrival at Westminster Magistrates court on April 11, 2019 in London, England.
Getty Images | Jack Taylor

Calls to release Assange come after months of escalating concerns over his health in prison — including signs that he endured "psychological torture." Per Al Jazeera, Amnesty International human rights expert Julia Hall claimed that Assange is being subjected to a strategy intended to cut him off from his legal team, family, and friends. According to Hall, America's efforts to have Assange imprisoned are a threat to media freedom that would set a "chilling precedent" for individuals who leak or publish classified intelligence.

As reported by The Guardian, the journalist's lawyers previously complained about their lack of access to their client. The team claimed that their lack of access meant Assange was unable to view the evidence against him while held in Belmarsh prison.

Hall previously sounded the alarm on the location of Assange's imprisonment — a facility typically reserved for hardened criminals.