Angry Boston Man Confronts Alex Jones Reporter Over Bombing Conspiracy Theory

A Boston man confronted a reporter from who had been peppering Boston press conferences with questions alluding to a conspiracy in the city’s bombing earlier this month.

As a few dozen people looked on, the man confronted the reporter and his boss Alex Jones for furthering theories that the bombing of the Boston Marathon was really a “false flag” attack carried out be the government. The man’s profanity-laced attack on reporter Dan Bidondi was captures on tape and made the rounds on the internet this week.

“Your boy said this was a false flag, the bomb that blew up people was a false flag,” the man says at the start of the footage. “The FBI is behind the bombing, that’s what you’re here to cover. And that’s why I’m the a**hole? Because the FBI blew up those people at the Boston Marathon? That’s right. That’s because you’re a dope. And what you say is dangerous and people like you shouldn’t be able to drive a car, much less espouse your opinions in public.”

The man acknowledged that Bidondi and Alex Jones have a right to say what they do but said they are still both a**holes.

Since the day after the bombing, Alex Jones has told listeners on his radio show that the circumstances surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing didn’t add up. A popular theory is that the Saudi Arabian man once reported as a suspect actually had some involvement in the bombing, and was being spirited out of the country by the government.

Jones has also put out theories that 9/11 and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting were actually perpetrated by the government.

Investigators later found that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two brothers accused in the bombing and who died in a shootout with police, was a fan of Alex Jones and frequently visited