Frog Found In Can Of Green Beans

A frog was found in a can of green beans purchased in South Bend, Indiana. Gloria Chubb’s son found the tiny frog when she served him some Meijer brand green beans for dinner.

Gloria didn’t notice the frog in the green beans until her son pointed to it and asked her what it was. The retired nurse thought it might be a piece of bacon, which is sometimes included with canned beans, but, upon further inspection, she realized was a frog.

As reported by ABC 57, the frog’s body was intact, but its legs were scattered throughout the beans. The Chubb family lost their appetite and have not eaten any green beans since the incident.

Gloria took the frog, and the beans, to the St. Joseph County Health Department. She hopes they can determine how the frog ended up inside the can of green beans.

Officials with the health department sent the frog and the beans to the Indiana state Department of Health for further analysis. They eventually concluded that the frog was likely processed with the beans from the time they were picked.

The report states that as cans of vegetables are processed in a fast-paced environment, it is uncommon but possible for a tiny frog or toad to get caught in the process. Frogs and toads are both common in fields where peas, corn, and green beans are grown.

The Indiana Department of Health reports that while rare, they have had reports of mice, grasshoppers, and toads found in canned and frozen vegetables.

Representatives for Meijer have stated that they are in the process of investigating the incident.

As reported by CBS Detroit, Gloria returned several other unopened cans of Meijer green beans back to the store and received a total refund of $50. She and her family also received a letter of from the canning company apologizing for the frog in the can of green beans.