Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Julian Lashes Out At Ava & Sonny’s In A Rage

Maura West and William deVry film 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / Walt Disney Television

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday reveal that there will be some intense, emotional moments playing out throughout Port Charles. Lulu’s loved ones are distraught by her condition and Julian’s in a heap of trouble. Curtis and Jordan are off to pursue another lead and it seems the December 1 show will have something for everyone.

Lulu’s in a coma and her loved ones have been told that her recovery will be slow if it comes at all. The sneak peek shared via Twitter details that Tracy will get some insight about the situation from Kevin while Dante sits by his ex-wife’s bedside. Laura, overcome by grief and worry, will apparently slap someone across the face.

As many wait at General Hospital to see if Lulu improves, Valentin will meet up with Martin. While these two have been in cahoots on multiple levels for some time now, General Hospital teasers reveal that their partnership may be coming to an end.

Something will prompt Valentin to tell Martin he’s fired. According to SheKnows Soaps, their opinions on something will clash and the fact they don’t see eye-to-eye seems to prompt Valentin’s knee-jerk reaction.

Is this about the paperwork he wanted to be drawn up that would legally keep Nina tied to Charlotte if something were to happen to him? With Lulu in a coma, does this prompt a change in this plan, perhaps one that Martin feels is problematic?

Curtis and Jordan will head off on another plane trip somewhere. General Hospital teasers detail that he will mention that there seems to be an end in sight. He might feel that whatever new tip he’s uncovered may soon give them an opportunity to truly break free from Cyrus’ control over Jordan. However, she doesn’t appear to be entirely convinced.

Portia will be providing an update on a patient and Maxie will run into Brando. Sonny will be livid and determined to track down Julian, heatedly telling Jason that he’s been pushed too far.

By the looks of things, Ava may take care of Julian herself. She had been scrambling to help Julian, but learning he detonated the bomb at the Floating Rib seemed to be too much. She’s demanded he leave town and General Hospital spoilers signal that the two siblings will have an intense confrontation during Tuesday’s show.

Julian will allege that his sister is choosing her husband Nikolas over her brother. She probably will push back against this, pointing out that this is about much more than her supporting Nikolas.

The bomb injured not only Lulu but Franco as well. Both Dev and Dustin died and Cameron was also injured. Learning about Lulu did seem to push Ava over a line in terms of protecting Julian, but hearing that her long-time friend Franco was also involved might have been the last straw.

General Hospital spoilers signal that this confrontation will escalate and soon lead to her pointing a gun at him. Julian’s days in Port Charles are known to be numbered, and it seems now it’s just a matter of when and how he leaves.