Shocking ‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Ava’s Ready To Take Out Julian & Dante Questions Laura Over Lulu

New General Hospital spoilers hint that the week of November 30 is going to bring jaw-dropping developments. Lives hang in the balance, and there may be some rather unexpected twists and turns on the way.

A new General Hospital sneak peek was shared Monday morning on Twitter. It contained a handful of juicy snippets regarding the bombshells coming over the next few days. Lulu remains in a coma after her surgery, and it seems that both Dante and Laura will stay by her side.

It’s already been revealed that they’ll have differing opinions on something during Monday’s show. Now, it seems this disagreement may be about what to do for Lulu.

The preview shows Dante and Laura in Lulu’s room at General Hospital. He’ll be stunned by something Laura says and he’ll ask if she’s just giving up on her daughter. Could Laura be considering taking her daughter off of life support? He is seen bending over to give his ex-wife a kiss on the forehead, and it looks like viewers should brace themselves for heartbreak here.

Maxie will confront Brando and Cyrus and demand information, and it appears this happens in the hallways of General Hospital. This could be about her bestie Lulu, or it might be related to the explosion as a whole. Either way, it certainly appears that Maxie is likely to end up pretty upset.

Alexis and Ned tried to keep their one-night fling between the two of them, although that hasn’t been entirely successful. General Hospital teasers reveal that they’ll have another conversation about what happened in the days ahead, thinking they are by themselves.

Much like when Brook Lynn overheard Ned confessing what happened to Monica, it seems they’ll be overheard. This time it’ll be Robert who hears the tense discussion, and he probably won’t be as willing to keep his mouth shut as Brook Lynn was.

A big focus of the next few shows will be on Julian. He knows he’s in deep trouble since Cyrus wanted him to kill Jason and he was unsuccessful. Ava knows he was responsible for detonating the bomb at the Floating Rib, and she’s furious with him.

As if Julian needed even more reason to worry, Jason and Sonny now know that he was involved in the baby swap. They’re anxious to track him down, but the General Hospital preview hints that Ava may take care of this problem herself first.

Ava told Julian she was done helping him and it doesn’t look like she’ll back down. In fact, the sneak peek reveals that she’ll end up pulling a gun on her brother. It seems there will be a gunshot, and the preview suggests that Jason and Sonny will be nearby and come running into the room.

Would Ava really kill her brother? It seems unlikely, but it does appear she’ll feel as if she’s been pushed to her limits. General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Julian’s days in Port Charles are numbered, and viewers won’t want to miss any of the shocking developments slated to air this week.

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