Donald Trump Mocked For Paying $3M For Milwaukee Recount That Ended Up Giving Joe Biden A Bigger Lead

Donald Trump speaks outside the White House.
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Donald Trump’s campaign had looked to a recount in Wisconsin’s largest county as a chance to flip the race and address what they called the “worst irregularities” in the state.

Instead, the final total from Milwaukee County only ended up giving Joe Biden a larger lead, prompting many of the president’s critics to take to social media to mock him and the failed effort. As CNN reported, the recount requested by Trump’s team came to an end on Saturday, with officials reporting that the Democratic candidate saw a small net gain in votes.

The report noted that the final count added 132 votes for Biden. The report added that more than 27,000 ballots included were still being segregated after his campaign objected to voters identifying as “indefinitely confined.” This allowed them to cast ballots by mail due to fears of the coronavirus.

Trump had won in Wisconsin in 2016, flipping it red for the first time in decades, but he lost there and in a number of other key battlegrounds this election.

As the Associated Press reported, a lawyer working with Trump’s campaign had claimed that the recount would address what they believed were serious discrepancies. The attorney, Jim Troupis, said that the outcome could not be trusted until all ballots in the two largest counties — which went heavily for his opponent — were counted again, and only “legal” votes were accepted.

Donald Trump sits in a meeting.
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Trump has pushed forward with a series of legal challenges aimed at flipping the outcome of the election. These have mostly been met with dead ends, with recounts failing to make any meaningful changes and judges throwing out their challenges.

On Saturday, news of Biden’s gain following the thorough ballot counting in Milwaukee led many to mock Trump’s team and the significant money invested into the effort.

While the effort in Wisconsin failed to make a difference in the state, the president’s legal team has suffered significant setbacks in other swing states as well. In Pennsylvania, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals denied their request for an injunction that would have undone the state’s certification of results. According to CBS News, the panel of three judges, which included one appointed by Trump, wrote a scathing opinion that called them out for failing to produce evidence that would back up the claims of fraud.

Trump has refused to publicly concede, insisting that he really won the race and that his opponent benefited from widespread fraud.