Dark Horse Announces First ‘Halo’ Comic Series

Dark Horse has announced its first of what it says will be many Halo comic series.

The ultra popular video game series that has captured a generation has already spilled out of consoles in a big way. The Forward Unto Dawn miniseries has a cult following that numbers in the millions.

There is even still an outside chance that the game could be getting a movie adaptation if Neill Blomkamp has anything to say about it. It seems like it would only be a natural move for the franchise to make a comic book.

Dark Horse comics apparently agreed as they recently purchased the rights from Marvel Comics. Marvel hadn’t really been doing a whole lot with the series, and the smaller comics company, which is well known for putting together story line type comics like this, seized the opportunity.

Halo: Initiation will be the first outing for the comic series and that will be penned and written by Marco Castiello and Brian Reed. The publisher has released a synopsis for the mini-series which says “Before she was a supersoldier defending humanity as part of the Spartan-IV program, Sarah Palmer was an ODST – Orbital Drop Shock Trooper – carrying out the most dangerous missions behind enemy lines.”

Brian Reed is the same writer who took the story of The Fall of Reachnovel and put it into graphic novel form in 2010, so he has quite a bit of experience working successfully with this franchise. He later joined 343 Industries to write for the fourth episode in the actual game series.

It seems likely that, should this first mini-series get the kind of readers that Dark Horse is counting on, there will be plenty of other stories coming out of this collaboration in the near future.

Dark Horse’s Halo comic series is due out August 14.