Donald Trump Supporters Will ‘Abandon Him’ For Embarrassing Them, Comedian Says

President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally at the Van Andel Arena on March 28, 2019 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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In a scathing Twitter thread on Sunday, comedian Christopher Titus claimed that Donald Trump’s supporters would ultimately abandon him due to his recent failures.

“The dumbest Trump follower can still recognize the incompetence that flows through anyone that gets near Trump,” he wrote. “From the Four Seasons Landscaping ClusterTrump to the Guillani hair spray paint anti infomercial. Hell, we can go all the way back to the Inaugural and ‘Crowd size.'”

“Trump has a problem with size,” Titus continued.

The actor pointed to the Republican Party primary when the U.S. leader defended the size of his manhood after Marco Rubio took aim at his small hands.

“If there wasn’t, you wouldn’t have to say it,” Titus continued.

“So the media has it wrong, not only does Trump embarrass himself, he embarrasses everyone who supports him. They will abandon him.”

The comedian ended the thread by predicting that the real estate mogul will “disappear” or end up in prison with Rudy Giuliani, who continues to lead the president’s legal effort against the results of the election.

In an op-ed for CGTN, American journalist Bradley Blankenship pointed out that some Republican leaders and conservative media outlets — like Fox News — abandoned Trump in the wake of the electoral results. According to Blankenship, the GOP strategy stems from an awareness that refusing to accept loss shows weakness — an understanding he believes Democrats did not have when they contested the 2016 election with claims of Russian interference.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters after his rally at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on August 21, 2015 in Mobile, Alabama.
  Mark Wallheiser / Getty Images

As for Trump’s supporters, previous data suggested that the president was losing non-white educated voters. Yet according to The Brookings Institution, the head of state ended up losing white voters with college educations to his Democratic opponent. Notably, he lost white voter support in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — all states that helped him defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Regardless, many of Trump’s backers appear to be standing behind him amid the contested election. As The Inquisitr reported, a Rasmussen Reports poll released on Thursday revealed that 47 percent of Americans believe it’s likely that Democrats rigged the referendum in favor of Joe Biden. This belief aligns with the claims from Trump and his allies, who continue to launch legal battles against the integrity of the results.

As reported by Newsweek, Trump supporters on Parler are looking to boycott the Georgia Senate runoff elections — a move that would place them in opposition to the Republican Party. According to the publication, these supporters are claiming that the elections are likely “rigged” and thus don’t warrant their participation.