Shocking 'General Hospital' Twist Regarding Brook Lynn Quartermaine Gets Tongues Wagging

Stacy Carey

Monday's episode of General Hospital threw a shocking development at fans. Brook Lynn Quartermaine worked on saying goodbye to her father before returning to Bensonhurst to be with her mom. Right as the November 16 show ended, however, she quietly pulled out a pregnancy test from her purse, and this immediately blew up on Twitter.

The only person Brook Lynn has been with recently is Valentin Cassadine. If she is pregnant, that would certainly cause a significant amount of chaos in her family, especially since Valentin just took over ELQ.

"A child with a mixture of Edward, Tracy, and Helena. Heaven help Port Charles. Charlotte will be an angel in comparison," one fan tweeted in response to the bombshell.

Is Brook Lynn really leaving Port Charles? This is too big a twist to throw out there and just dismiss. It would be interesting to see, however, if this shocker is a way to bridge the exit of actress Briana Lane while bringing back Amanda Setton.

A few months ago, it was revealed that Setton would step back from filming General Hospital and Briana was brought in to take her place. While Amanda appeared in some scenes when the show returned from its months-long coronavirus shutdown, her departure happened almost immediately.

It turned out that Amanda was pregnant and would be taking extended maternity leave. The actress is not on social media, so nobody really knew how far along in her pregnancy she was, or when she might return to General Hospital.

It seemed possible that concerns about coronavirus alongside this family expansion may have prompted Amanda to leave earlier than would otherwise be typical. Perhaps the plan is to have Brook Lynn, played by Briana, leave Port Charles for a bit. Then, not too far down the road, she'll return, played by Amanda.

Regardless of whether this shocker has anything to do with Amanda's real-life pregnancy or not, General Hospital fans seemed intrigued by the development.

"Oh man. Is today Temp Brook Lynn's final episode? It seems like it. Hope she gets a good gig elsewhere or they move some stuff around and find a spot for her here. I've gotten very attached, even when I'm mad at the character," a viewer noted on Twitter.

"I'm guessing this Brook Lynn is leaving so old Brook Lynn can return?" someone else tweeted.

The sneak peek for Tuesday's episode of General Hospital showed that there would be plenty of juicy ground covered. However, neither Brook Lynn nor Valentin was in the clip. In fact, SheKnows Soaps doesn't refer to either of them in any teasers for the rest of this week.

When will viewers see more about this shocker? Could this development partially explain Valentin's drive to legally ensure Nina would stay in Charlotte's life? He doesn't know about Brook Lynn's stunning news yet, but if he has another child on the way, that'll have a major impact on Charlotte. General Hospital spoilers signal that this could get pretty wild, and everybody will be quite anxious to learn more.