‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Valentin Considers His Options With Charlotte

James Patrick Stuart plays Valentin on 'General Hospital'
XJ Johnson / ABC

A new General Hospital preview for the episode airing on Monday, November 16 may spark some speculation regarding Valentin Cassadine. The sneak peek shared on Twitter signals that he will meet with Martin Gray to discuss his daughter Charlotte. Could he be anticipating trouble ahead?

The two men will meet at the Metro Court, and it seems this will come after some previous discussions regarding Valentin’s affairs. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Martin will point out that Charlotte isn’t an apartment building where a piece of paper can dictate ownership.

As the discussion progresses, Valentin will insist that if something were to happen to him, he wouldn’t want Charlotte with just her mother. He’ll suggest that Lulu would fill their daughter’s head with lots of stories about how awful he was. To try to prevent that, he’ll want to ensure there is someone else in place to remain connected to the girl.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Martin will question whether Nina Reeves would even be willing to remain in Charlotte’s life after all she went through with Valentin. As Valentin will explain it, he envisions Nina being almost like a fairy godmother to the little girl. He’ll suggest this is where Martin’s help is needed.

Nina surely would not have an objection to remaining in Charlotte’s life if Valentin were gone. However, setting this up legally might be difficult since Lulu is the girl’s biological mother.

This situation might spark some speculation among General Hospital viewers. Is this signaling that Valentin might soon be out of the picture?

It’s previously been revealed that both Emme Rylan (Lulu) and William deVry (Julian) had been let go. General Hospital teasers have also suggested that additional departures might be on the horizon. Could James Patrick Stuart be next, with Valentin leaving Port Charles in some way?

That might not be the case. However, it seems an interesting storyline to create when Lulu is expected to be out of the picture quite soon.

“God I hope JPS isn’t leaving too. They said, Wil and Emme are the first to leave and there will be others following. That’s not good!” one General Hospital fan noted on Twitter.

Granted, Valentin did recently open up about a previous situation where he’d almost died. That walk down memory lane might have been what sparked his interest in ensuring that Charlotte would be taken care of if he were no longer around.

However, given what has been rumored about Lulu leaving, it seems as if there might be more to this.

Could Nina end up with full custody of Charlotte in the near future, mending her broken heart when she learns her true biological daughter, Nelle, is dead? General Hospital spoilers suggest that some major developments with all of this are on the horizon, and fans are curious to see how it all plays out.