Sarah Palin Hits Back At Barack Obama: ‘I’ve Been Living Rent-Free In His Head For 12 Years’

In an interview with Newsmax TV on Saturday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ripped into former President Barack Obama, Raw Story reported.

In his new book, Obama cast Palin as an incompetent politician who represents the extremist wing of the Republican Party.

According to Palin, however, the former president never actually understood what she stood for or represented. Her movement, she told Newsmax, “was all about giving the voiceless a voice, empowering people who are fed up, want accountability in their government, want a smaller, smarter government, things that he just hasn’t been able to grasp.”

“It’s kind of pleasurable to know that I’ve been living rent-free in his head for 12 years.”

Palin likened herself to President Donald Trump, suggesting that both she and the commander in chief irk politicians like Obama because they are anti-establishment figures who pose a threat to the status quo.

Per Newsweek, Palin also argued that the Republican Party has evolved into an inclusive, multicultural organization that embraces all of its members regardless of the color of their skin or their gender, while it is actually the Democrats who seek to divide the American people based on their identity.

Palin noted that the GOP establishment dislikes both her and Trump, because they don’t like when politicians go “rogue” and challenge the system.

Palin rose to national prominence in 2008, when then-Republican presidential candidate John McCain selected her as his running mate. They were ultimately defeated by Obama and Joe Biden, who is now all but certain to assume the presidency on January 20 next year.

As Raw Story noted, in his new memoir, Obama suggested that Palin accelerated the GOP’s embrace of fringe ideas.

“Through Palin, it seemed as if the dark spirits that had long been lurking on the edges of the modern Republican Party — xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories, an antipathy toward Black and brown folks — were finding their way to center stage.”

In A Promised Land, Obama reflected upon his presidency and what his 2008 victory meant for the country, according to CNN. The Democrat concluded that his two terms in the White House contributed to the GOP becoming what it is today. He posited that his presidency “triggered” conservatives to embrace anti-intellectualism and conspiracy theories.

As for Palin, although retired, she has repeatedly weighed in on the 2020 presidential election. In August this year, for instance, she took aim at Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California. In an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, she suggested that Harris “prostituted herself” to get good press.

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