Sarah Palin Suggests Kamala Harris Has ‘Prostituted’ Herself To Get Good Press

Sarah Palin initially appeared to support Joe Biden’s pick for vice president, Kamala Harris. However, during an appearance on Fox News, the former Alaskan governor made it clear that she isn’t a fan of the California Senator. As the Daily Beast reported, Palin spoke with Tucker Carlson, and the two went after the media for what they perceived to be unfair treatment of the progressive candidates.

“Looking back, is there anything you could have done to get the kind of coverage that Kamala Harris is getting now?” Carlson asked Palin. “Like you care about equality deep within your soul, that you’re a rockstar, a celebrity, you’re the Dalai Lama reincarnated. Could you have done anything to get that kind of coverage?”

“I would not have prostituted myself in terms of changing any of my positions in order to garner better press,” she replied.

Palin continued, saying that had she been willing to concede some of her “convictions,” she would have received better coverage in the mainstream media. The former vice-presidential candidate also said that she believes the press will treat the Democratic candidates like “delicate pieces of China,” which would be a huge contrast to how she felt she was treated during her 2008 run.

Just days before, Palin congratulated Harris on her nomination in an Instagram post and warned her that she should only trust those who were with her before she was picked to run alongside Biden. She particularly warned the candidate about “handlers” who may try to alter her stance. She also cautioned Harris against letting anyone silence her voice and advised her to remember she was chosen for a reason.

Her new stance towards Harris seems to be less magnanimous.

Later in the interview, Palin also criticized both Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt who worked with her on the late Senator John McCain’s run for president in 2008. They have both been vocal critics of the current administration and she called the two “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Carlson has also been a fierce critic of the Biden campaign and its supporters. In July, he attacked progressives, claiming that they were attempting to prevent Biden from debating Donald Trump, as The Inquisitr previously reported. He asserted that Biden was hiding out until the election day, which would deprive voters of the ability to assess the potential president before casting their ballots. He further claimed that the Biden of the past might not be the current version of the man, but the public wouldn’t be able to know for sure.

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