Donald Trump's 'Mass Death' Strategy Is 'Going As Planned,' Journalist Says

In a Saturday piece for AlterNet, journalist Cody Fenwick argued that U.S. President Donald Trump's "mass death" strategy is playing out before the eyes of Americans as coronavirus cases surge throughout the United States along with concerning increases in hospitalizations and deaths.

"It's our horrifying new status quo, and one that experts and observers have been warning would unfold this fall for months," he wrote.

"But the mind-boggling truth is that for the Trump administration, everything is pretty much going as planned."
The writer noted the Trump administration's previous pushes for a "herd immunity" approach to dealing with the pandemic, which involves allowing the virus to spread through the population. Despite pushback from public health experts — like Dr. Anthony Fauci — a senior Trump administration official allegedly admitted last month that the White House's coronavirus policy has always been aligned with the tenets of herd immunity.

"The problem with this approach — the reason it's rejected by most of the public health community — is that it will lead to mass suffering and death," Fenwick opined.

The journalist also noted that part of an effective heard immunity strategy is protecting vulnerable populations, such as the elderly. Unfortunately, he argued, the president has not made a significant effort to protect such populations from the pandemic as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the country.

U.S. President Donald Trump walks toward Marine One prior to his departure for a campaign event in Battle Creek, Michigan, December 18, 2019 at the White House in Washington, DC.
Getty Images | Mark Wilson

As reported by Fox Business, Trump recently addressed the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine, which he claimed will be available to everyone by April. But until this preparation is ready for widespread distribution, Fenwick argued that the available therapeutics are not sufficient to prevent the virus from causing significant damage to the population between now and the release of an immunization.

"There is no plan to stop the virus. The federal government just intends to let it spread through all of us. It's a plan for mass death, because they don't care enough to stop it."
Despite the increasing severity of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump's attention appears to be elsewhere. As The Inquisitr noted, recent reporting suggested that the head of state has been focused on Democrat Joe Biden's presidential election victory. In addition, he is allegedly distracted by his anger over the announcement of a COVID-19 vaccine after his opponent's win.

Trump also continues to dispute the results of the election and has yet to allow Biden's team to begin transitioning into the White House — a delay that public health experts worry will exacerbate the severity of the crisis and hinder the United States' ability to distribute a vaccine.