Disneyland Explosion Caused By Dry Ice

Tuesday's Disneyland explosion in Toontown thankfully caused no injuries -- and police are investigating the cause of the "loud bang" that frightened parkgoers before the evacuation following the blast.

The Disneyland explosion was traced back to a trash can that contained dry ice in a bottle, and was called in to Anaheim police at about 5:30 PM Tuesday. All Disney guests in the area remained safe from the explosion, and no damage to Toontown resulted.

On Twitter, an official Disney account tweeted that indeed "a small bang" had been reported, and that "in an abundance of caution, the area was evacuated."

Guest Vanessa Vasquez was visiting Toontown with her family when the "startling" Disneyland explosion occurred, and she describes what happened next:

"Just a big boom and the trash can exploding ... the lid coming up, people were at a standstill ... It was kind of a little scary when I saw the whole area [was like] ghost town."

Fellow guest Allen Wolf was over by Toontown's City Hall when the Disneyland explosion happened, and he described the noise as "louder than a gunshot."

Wolf added:

"I looked up. Everyone stopped and looked up ... Security surrounded the trash cans then told everyone they were evacuating."

The official word from the Mouse on the Disneyland explosion last night was posted to Twitter, where the park tweeted:

"This afternoon, a small bang was heard in a trash can at Mickey's Toontown. In an abundance of caution, the area was evacuated. There were no injuries and no reported damage. We are working with local authorities who are now on-site and reviewing."

Two hours after the Disneyland explosion, Toontown was reopened to guests. Local cops admitted that such explosives are "very common" in the area, but it was not immediately clear whether the small blast was accidental or intentional.