Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha’s Crisis Has Cyrus Scrambling

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Monday’s episode of General Hospital should be quite the wild ride. Friday’s show left viewers hanging on a couple of fronts, and the action should kick right back into high gear again on November 16. Will Sasha survive her overdose?

While Carly and Nina were both feeling distraught over Sasha’s downward spiral, Cyrus saw an opportunity and grabbed it. He gave Sasha drugs and they headed back to his place.

Initially, she was flying high and quite thrilled with the new drug he gave her. Soon, however, things took a very ugly turn. She got enraged and before she could leave, she seemed to experience heart and breathing issues and soon collapsed.

Brando had promised Carly he’d look out for Sasha, and he stayed outside the door of Cyrus’ place to ensure nothing went wrong. He rushed through the door when he heard the situation take a turn, and that’s where the action picks up again on Monday.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Brando will end up calling Jason to fill him in on what happened. He surely will not do this while he is still around Cyrus, so it probably won’t happen until the Sasha situation is handled to some extent.

Jeff Kober plays Cyrus Renault on 'General Hospital'
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The sneak peek for Monday showed Cyrus quite angry and, for once, seemingly rattled. He will yell that he would not let this be tied to him, and it seems likely it’s Brando he’s yelling toward.

Does Sasha survive and end up at General Hospital, or could she end up dying on the floor at Cyrus’ place? Spoilers indicate that during the coming week, something will leave Michael completely stunned.

This will almost certainly be about his ex-girlfriend’s drug use and overdose, regardless of whether she survives. Some previously released General Hospital teasers signal that Sasha will survive this, making this a bit less of a nailbiter than was probably intended.

As ABC11 detailed, the network has already released a Thanksgiving teaser for the episode airing on November 30. In part, the buzz is that Brando will be supporting Sasha during this tough time.

There had been General Hospital teasers that recently noted that Brando would be watching out for Sasha. Now, it seems that what everybody saw this week is just the beginning of the connection that will develop between these two.

Given that information, it seems that Sasha will make it through this, but at what cost? Will she stay quiet or expose Cyrus for the drugs he gave her? Will this be her rock bottom that nudges her to get sober? Will she have anybody but Brando by her side?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that even if this overdose can be swept under the rug, Cyrus is facing some major challenges in the days ahead. Viewers will certainly be anxious to see who finally manages to take him down.