Google Maps Lets You Visit Movie Sets

Google Maps is now giving you the opportunity to visit virtual movie sets via Google Street View.

Did you know you could visit Mos Eisley on Google Maps? Thanks to recent updates to Google Maps and Google Street View, film locales and even places that you didn’t think existed are now visible with Google Maps.

One such image shows Luke Skywalker and pals approaching the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It’s just odd, yet fun, to see the typical Street View trappings alongside Cee Threepio and Artoo on Luke’s hovering car just floating along the street.

Another Google Maps locale is the hospital in Gotham City, showing the Joker walking out dressed in drag as a nurse with the backdrop sign that marks Emergency Drive. The hospital is just beginning to explode in the scene from The Dark Knight.

Yet another place on Street View is the road in Australia where Mad Max is walking by his car and looking down the road, no doubt planning his next attack on the cannibal thugs who killed his wife and baby.

Google Maps also has a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Indy and his father are riding in a sidecar motorcycle and they’re passing a hulking truck on a dusty road in the jungle.

There is also a scene from Tommy Boy where you actually see Chris Farley and David Spade sitting on the bench in a big city.

Just for kicks, there seems to be a street view from a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, with a store sign nearby announcing “Pat N Splat” or something (the words aren’t all that clear) and the main character is driving a yellow convertible.

There is also a scene from Twister, where the truck is heading along with the Dorothy sensors in the back, and a dark funnel cloud can be scene just over the greenery.

What do you think of these Street Views from Google Maps?