‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura’s In Trouble As Curtis & Jordan’s Investigation Continues

Genie Francis films as Laura on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

This week, General Hospital kicked off a new mystery that seemed centered around Laura Spencer Collins. Spoilers hint that this could become a wild ride, and viewers are busy speculating about what might be on the way.

Teasers from Soap Central noted that Laura would soon return to Port Charles to fight for the soul of the city. General Hospital spoilers have detailed that her quest will involve battling Cyrus, and now, viewers are getting some hints about how that’s coming together.

General Hospital teasers promised that fans would learn something significant regarding Cyrus Renault’s ongoing interest in Laura and her family. The way that Tuesday’s show ended, it seemed as if this mystery house might be the key to that connection between the mobster and mayor. Now, however, it seems as if that spot is just one piece of the puzzle.

Over the past couple of shows, Curtis and Jordan Ashford checked out a seemingly deserted house in the Pacific Northwest. They found a postcard from Cyrus Renault to someone who had apparently been living there, and there was a familiar, affectionate connection between them. However, it’s not yet known who had been living in the house.

Genie Francis plays Laura Spencer Collins on 'General Hospital'
  Craig Sjodin / ABC

That remains a mystery, but things got even crazier when Laura showed up at the home. She talked with Jordan and Curtis about how they ended up there, and the PCPD police commissioner came clean on some of the major secrets she’d been hiding regarding Cyrus.

Jordan showed the mayor information in the police file Cyrus had demanded from her, to see if she was familiar with the case. Laura said she wasn’t, but it was obvious she was lying. As she left, she made a call to someone and said they were in trouble.

“Laura does not have a good poker face. I feel like Curtis knows she recognized the case,” one Twitter user speculated.

“Who do y’all think Laura was calling???? Luke??? Kevin???? Lulu??? Les????” a viewer questioned on Twitter.

Was it Luke she called? Could it have been her mother Lesley? Some General Hospital fans have speculated that this case file could be related to David Hamilton. Laura killed him in a fit of rage about 40 years ago, and Lesley helped her cover it up.

“And what have we learned today, campers? Whatever TF is going on involves Luke n Laura, and possibly Robert. So it’s tied to the original mob fam, the Smiths’, the Cassadines, the Quartermain’s, or all of the above, no?” one General Hospital fan tweeted.

“People Laura might call that knew her 40yrs ago: Her mom, Luke, Scott (more than 40 yrs) Robert and Tiffany,” another person tweeted.

Who was she calling, and what is her connection to this old PCPD file? Why is it that Cyrus is so interested in it, and who was living in that home?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that it might be a day or two before viewers learn much more, as Thursday’s show may focus on other storylines. One way or another, though, it looks like Cyrus’ presence in Port Charles is about to become a much bigger problem for a few residents, leading to some pretty juicy weeks ahead.