Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Faces Questions About Her Connection To Cyrus

Spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital suggest that some intriguing information may emerge. After months away, Laura Spencer Collins is back in the picture and she will immediately face questions from both Curtis and Jordan Ashford.

General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps reference several other storylines that will be featured on the November 11 episode. Surprises of various sorts are on the way for Chase, Jason, and Sonny, while Dante ends up in a troublesome situation.

In addition, Franco will spend time with his father, Scott. However, based on the General Hospital sneak peek for the next show, viewers will see more with Jordan and Curtis’ surprise encounter with Laura as well.

Jordan and Curtis are secretly digging into the past of mobster Cyrus Renault. They want to know how he is connected to the 40-year-old PCPD file he demanded, and their digging took them to a house in the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday’s show.

During their search, they found a letter from Cyrus in what seemed to be a deserted house. The letter signaled that the mobster felt quite affectionate toward the recipient, but it wasn’t immediately clear who had been living there.

Donnell Turner and Briana Henry star on 'General Hospital'

In the middle of all this, Jordan and Curtis heard somebody at the door. It turned out to be Laura, and this was certainly a surprise. Is she somehow connected to Cyrus in a way she’d kept hidden from everybody?

General Hospital spoilers had teased that viewers would learn something significant regarding Cyrus’ interest in the Spencer family. As the November 10 episode aired, that appeared to be his realization that Lulu’s son, Rocco, is tied not only to the Spencers but to the Corinthos family as well.

Now, however, it seems it’s this moment with Laura that will cause some chaos. Her arrival at the house would seem to suggest that she is somehow connected to this case that Cyrus wanted the file on, but how?

“I wonder if the 40 year old case has anything to do with Laura killing David back in the day? Was David connected to Cyrus? Is that why Cyrus is so obsessed with Laura?” one fan wrote on Twitter.

That was a reference to the character David Hamilton, a man who was in Port Charles in the late ’70s. Laura killed him in a fit of anger after he betrayed her, but as Soap Central noted, her mother Lesley covered up for her.

David wasn’t the only long-ago character that General Hospital fans speculated about as these scenes played out. It could certainly be that the person Cyrus was connected to won’t be anybody viewers already know.

However, if the writers plan to connect this mystery person to both Cyrus and Laura, it seems likely there’s some tie to past storylines.

Will all of this also end up pointing to trouble for Lulu? General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Lulu may either get killed off or rush to leave Port Charles soon, and having Laura and Cyrus involved in whatever’s ahead would make sense.

Viewers should learn more about Laura’s involvement in this during the next show. General Hospital teasers hint that this could be pretty juicy, and it’ll be interesting to see if any of the current theories end up being proven.

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