Oregon Woman Arrested For Frankenstein-Like Experiment On Neighbor’s Cat

Oak Grove, OR – A 21-year-old Oregon woman was arrested in what authorities are describing as a shocking, unorthodox experiment which involved a neighbor’s cat.

While responding to a report of a dead animal, police took Ashley Fawn Guldager into custody from a residence on Southeast Sunnyside Road. The young woman had been down on her luck, single and unemployed, and living in a friend’s home on their couch for about a month.

Inside the bathroom of the residence investigators discovered a dead, partially shaven feline strapped to a makeshift operating table with jumper cables and flanked by a wet sponge, a plastic razor, scissors, and a 12-inch straight-edge kitchen knife.

According to the cat’s owner, Lisa-Marie Armstrong, Mama Kitty had gone missing three days prior. Horribly, Armstrong made the gruesome discovery inside her neighbor’s home and contacted authorities.

Guldager was charged with first-degree theft and aggravated animal abuse for allegedly strangling her neighbor’s cat and then tampered with the body in a Franken-kitty experiment taken from the likes of a Tim Burton movie or Mary Shelley novel. The necropsy on the 9-year-old cat, conducted by the Oregon Humane Society’s law enforcement division, determined the animal had died from asphyxiation.

Suspected on maliciously harming and attempting to operate on the animal, Guldager was booked into Clackamas County Jail on $100,000 bail. Per Oregon State statue 167.322, aggravated animal abuse in the first degree is levied against a person if they are accused of maliciously killing an animal or intentionally or knowingly torturing an animal. Aggravated animal abuse in the first degree is a Class C felony.

Initially no motive was disclosed to police. However, in an emotional near incoherent interview with Fox 12, the incarcerated young woman claimed a demonic possession was to blame for the shocking death of the feline. Amidst her rambling, the girl detailed how the experience did not feel like her doing it, but that of a satanic force using her.

The disturbed young woman has been referred for a mental health evaluation.