Donald Trump Gives Updates On Battleground States, Says Findings In Nevada Are ‘Absolutely Shocking’

President Donald Trump took to social media on Monday afternoon to claim that more voter fraud has been uncovered in the state of Nevada. The president said that new findings will be “absolutely shocking” when they are revealed, but he declined to give any further details. Trump tweeted that the state is “turning out to be a cesspool of Fake Votes [sic].”

Thousands of Twitter users flocked to the post to comment, with some showing support for Trump while others shared their best memes featuring people crying, insisting he “get over it.”

In a subsequent tweet, the president gave an update on the situation in Wisconsin. While the state has already been called for Joe Biden by the Associated Press and other media outlets, Trump has been adamant that he will expose alleged voter fraud there and he seems confident that he will ultimately pull out a win.

“Wisconsin is looking very good. Needs a little time statutorily. Will happen soon,” he tweeted, tagging Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy and former GOP chairman Reince Priebus. The tweet was met with the same kind of feedback.

As it stands, Biden holds a slim lead over Trump with 1.63 million votes in the Badger State, while Trump has 1.61 million.

Nevada and Wisconsin are just two states in which Trump and his team are contesting election results. With a razor-thin margin in Georgia (Biden is currently ahead by about 11,000 votes), an automatic recount will soon be underway. Trump has maintained that he will win the state of Georgia and tweeted such on Monday.

“Georgia will be a big presidential win, as it was the night of the Election,” he wrote.

U.S. President Donald Trump waits on the arrival of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House May 16, 2017 in Washington, DC. Trump and Erdogan met in the Oval Office to discuss a range of bilateral issues.

Meanwhile, the president says his team has also been looking into alleged voter fraud in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. With lawsuits already filed in Pennsylvania and a Supreme Court order for the state to separate late-arriving ballots from other ballots, Trump firmly believes that he will end up winning the state due to illegal actions taken at ballot counting facilities in areas such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

“Pennsylvania prevented us from watching much of the Ballot count. Unthinkable and illegal in this country,” Trump tweeted.

Biden is currently ahead in Pennsylvania with 3.36 million votes, though Trump is not far behind, holding 3.31 million votes of his own.

Although several media outlets have already called the race in favor of Joe Biden, the 2020 presidential election may be far from over. While Trump has a narrow shot at winning a second term, Biden has already given a victory speech. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Biden spoke to the American people on November 7, with a message of unity.