'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Carly Discovers Something Shocking

Kim Brandow

Carly Corinthos has been struggling ever since Nelle's death, and this week on General Hospital, she will discover something that will give her another shock. Her disturbing nightmares have gotten the best of her, especially since she imagined Nelle's hand coming up from her grave after her memorial. What will be revealed may leave her even more disturbed. There are hints leaning toward something big.

Nelle's half-heart necklace has been lurking around the Corinthos household ever since little Avery found it in the woods where Nelle supposedly fell to her death. All this time no one has noticed it. Nina Reeves has the other half in her possession as well. However, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central hint that it may be Carly who finds it this week and realizes what it is. That may also be the thing that she has been trying desperately to remember since that night in the woods.

This may eventually all tie into her also remembering that day that she went to Frank's when she was younger and a little Nelle was there wearing that same necklace. Spoilers also tease that Nina will be one step closer to finding out what happened to her child. Curtis has been on the case trying to help Nina. That half-heart is the key, as it will link back to Nelle and that is expected to cause great distress for everyone involved.

However, there could still be a twist coming in this long-running storyline. General Hospital fans had previously mentioned that they hope Willow will end up being Nina's child. It seems that the writers have switched it up from the beginning when it first appeared that Willow was her long-lost daughter, but then Nelle was the one with that necklace in her possession.

This week also has Nina confronting Cyrus Renault over his supposed connection to Sasha Gilmore. Although Sasha turned out to be her fake daughter, Nina still cares about her and wants to help her. She knows that Sasha is hooked on drugs and Cyrus being her new best friend will have Nina upset. Carly is also onto Sasha. Could it be that her shocking discovery has to do with Michael's ex and her drug problem?

Carly's shocking discovery will likely have her scrambling to figure out what to do. If it is the jewelry that is finally found in the house, she may clue Jax in as well. He knows exactly where the other half is. Rumors have been swirling that those two will keep it from Nina to not cause her any more pain. Knowing that Nelle was her daughter may put her over the edge.

General Hospital fans have been waiting for the moment when Nina finally discovers who her child really is and it may be coming soon. Whatever Carly finds, it's sure to cause plenty of drama.