‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha Seemingly Dives Deeper Into Trouble With Cyrus

General Hospital spoilers tease Sasha Gilmore’s dependence on drugs will have her diving into a darker place. As seen Wednesday, October 28, Cyrus Renault came along at just the right time as she struggled to get her hands on more cocaine. He is expected to lead her down a deeper hole and that could have terrible consequences in the end.

SheKnows Soaps spoilers indicated Sasha would be making a new friend and that’s exactly what happened on the episode. Nina now knows that her fake daughter has been getting high thanks to Curtis’ keen observation at the Metro Court. Even Chase noticed she wasn’t herself. Sasha is looking a mess and people are starting to question what is going on with her.

Nina tried helping by taking Sasha to her place for the night, but she booked out of there after Carly confronted her. She was supposed to meet up with her dealer to get more cocaine, but that fell through and now she is desperate. That’s when Cyrus entered the picture and offered his help.

For Thursday, previews reveal Cyrus will take Sasha aside and have a chat with her. He will try to convince her they could have a “mutually beneficial” friendship. It sounds like he may be willing to provide her with drugs in return for something else.

Could it be something to do with Sonny since she knows the family well? Cyrus has gained control of General Hospital and is in the process of trying to take Sonny down. He may use Sasha’s desperation for his own devious purpose.

'General Hospital' stars Sofia Mattsson and Chad Duell pose for promo photo.

The preview for Thursday also has Carly telling Sonny she is sure Sasha is taking drugs. She knows Michael’s ex has been struggling since their breakup and that the growing closeness between him and Willow is killing her emotionally. Unfortunately, her new addiction seems to be doing even more damage. Carly’s concern for Sasha could be the thing that makes her spill the secret to Michael about Sasha and Chase’s fake affair.

Rumors have been swirling on social media for weeks that Sasha will end up overdosing. That would likely be when the secret would be revealed that her and Chase’s hookup was fake, leaving Michael and Willow feeling guilty as well as Chase.

The Inquisitr detailed some of the events that will be happening during November sweeps, which is coming up quickly. With Laura Collins returning home and Brando Corbin going undercover to work for Cyrus, it’s bound to get a little hairy in Port Charles soon.