Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Showdown With Alex Puts Lives At Risk

Finola Hughes films as Anna on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Spoilers for Friday’s episode of General Hospital tease that a major showdown revolving around Alex Marick is on the way. She thought she had everything in place to get rid of both her twin sister, Anna Devane, and her nemesis, Valentin Cassadine. However, she will soon learn that things did not go as anticipated.

During Thursday’s episode, viewers watched as Anna managed to free herself along with Valentin. They got out of the warehouse where Alex had tied them up just before it exploded. She quickly called Finn to warn him that her sister was in town, and this led to a very unsettling moment.

While Anna was fighting for survival, Alex was doing her best to take over her sister’s life. She spent time with Peter and Maxie at Charlie’s Pub and then made her way “home” and saw Finn.

According to General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps, Peter will go on to meet with Lulu. He’ll offer her some criticism on her piece for The Invader, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his closest loved ones are about to find themselves in an incredibly dangerous predicament.

Peter sensed something quite different in “Anna” while they were at Charlie’s, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Due to the timing of her return to the house, however, Finn surely won’t have to wonder. He was on the phone with Anna, listening to his fiancee’s dire warning as Alex walked through the door.

The General Hospital sneak peek for the week revealed that there would be an epic battle coming soon. Now, it seems that will happen on Friday — at least in part.

Kirsten Storms films as Maxie on 'General Hospital'
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The preview for the November 6 episode detailed that as this intense situation proceeds, Maxie will end up at Finn and Anna’s house. He will quietly tug at her arm and urge her to leave, surely leaving her confused.

That would seem to suggest Finn perhaps plays along as Alex walks through the front door and pretends he doesn’t suspect anything is wrong. If she ends up in another room and a pregnant Maxie shows up, Finn will surely be anxious to get her out of harm’s way and away from Alex.

Maxie appears confused over this, and General Hospital spoilers hint she won’t leave before things get dicey with Alex. As this plays out, it seems that Anna and Robert will still be at the site of the explosion.

Eventually, a fight between Alex and Finn begins in the house. Maxie will see something and scream, and teasers have revealed that Finn will apparently rush Alex as she holds a gun on him.

Everybody might be left hanging at this point until Monday’s show. Spoilers note that Peter will be anxiously waiting for an update. Could this suggest that Maxie ends up injured during this showdown? Will Peter now learn the truth about being Alex’s son and not Anna’s?

Friday’s show should be an epic one as this battle plays out, and General Hospital fans are anxious to see how it all ends.