Lauryn Hill Signs New Record Deal

Lauryn Hill has signed a new record deal with Sony that could help her avoid going to jail for tax evasion.

The singer, who was given two weeks to pay her taxes, made the announcement on her Tumblr.

“It has been reported that I signed a new record deal, and that I did this to pay taxes,” Hill wrote. “Yes, I have recently entered into an agreement with Sony Worldwide Entertainment, to launch a new label, on which my new music will be released. And yes, I am working on new music.”

Hill went on to explain how someone whose debut solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, went platinum eight times and who has sold over 50 million units could end up in such a dire financial situation.

“Only a completely complicated set of traps, manipulations, and inequitable business arrangements could put someone who has accomplished the things that I have, financially in need of anything,” she wrote. “I am one artist who finds value in openly discussing the dynamics within this industry that force artists to compromise or distort themselves and what they do, rather than allowing them to make the music that people need. There are volumes that could (and will) be said.”

The 37-year-old pleaded guilty to not paying federal taxes from 2005 to 2007; during that period, Hill reportedly earned $1.8 million. However, she claimed that threats against her family prevented her from paying her taxes, and she asked the court to take into consideration that she had received similar threats in the past. Court documents indicated that Hill “withdrew from society at large” because of these threats to “herself and her family.”

Hill’s financial troubles have also landed her in hot water with her landlord, who has filed a lawsuit claiming that Hill stopped making rent payments last month. Now she must either pay what she owes or face eviction.

Hill was originally scheduled to be sentenced on April 23, but the sentencing was postponed until May 6 to give the mother of six time to come up with the money she owed.

Are you glad Lauryn Hill will be making new music?

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