'General Hospital' Reveals A Few Spoilers As It Celebrates Big Anniversary For Finola Hughes

A new slate of photos was uploaded on Sunday to the General Hospital Instagram page that generated a lot of love from the show's fans. The group of 10 photos revealed a fun celebration that was held to honor actress Finola Hughes. At the same time, it revealed some mild spoilers regarding what's coming up in the following weeks.

The show explained in the caption that Finola's 35th anniversary with General Hospital came last April. The original plan had been to hold a big celebration to honor that milestone. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic shelved that.

Since the party couldn't happen in April as production was on hiatus, the cast gathered for a surprise celebration last week. Everybody wore "Fin 35" shirts in honor of Finola's landmark anniversary. In addition, since they were all in close proximity to one another, they kept their face masks while they were gathered on the set for Anna's house.

The first photo was an especially great one for General Hospital fans. It featured Finola sitting next to Michael Easton (Dr. Hamilton Finn) on the couch. They weren't alone though. Jophielle Love (Violet) was sitting on Easton's lap, which means that she's been back on the set to some degree.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus precautions, the little kids on the cast haven't been on the set filming. Production has worked around showing Wiley, Violet, or Scarlet, for example, but it looks as if there might be a transition regarding that in the works.

In addition, actor Gregory Harrison was in the shot. A few weeks ago, it was revealed that the Falcon Crest and Trapper John, M.D. star had been tapped to play the father of Finn and his brother Harrison Chase.

He's clearly been filming his upcoming General Hospital scenes and should be popping up on-screen soon.

Josh Swickard (Chase) was in this snap, and other pictures showed Finola posing with James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine), Wes Ramsey (Peter August), and a host of others. Jophielle popped up in quite a few shots, hopefully hinting that General Hospital viewers can look forward to seeing some sweet scenes with Violet again soon.

The final snapshot was the whole General Hospital cast gathered together, T-shirts and masks in place, as everybody pointed toward Finola in the center. Most of the comments that poured were notes congratulating Finola on her big accomplishment.

However, a few General Hospital fans wasted little time in reading between the lines on some of the shots that were shared.

"Hmmm do I see a hint here? Michael and Sasha and chase and willow?" one person commented.

"I am glad that Violet is back I was wondering if she would come back... she is a little darling," a fan noted.

"Happy Anniversary, Finola!....Gregory Harrison has arrived!!" someone else pointed out in a comment.

By the looks of things, there are some fun and juicy developments coming up in a few weeks with Anna's storyline. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there's chaos on the horizon with Alex back in Port Charles and Peter scrambling.