AG William Barr Posed For Pictures With Protesters Who Came To His Home, Demanding He Lock Up Joe Biden

A group of supporters of President Donald Trump that gathered outside the home of William Barr to call on him to lock up Democratic candidate Joe Biden reportedly received a warm welcome from the attorney general.

As Newsweek reported, the demonstration took place on Saturday with members of the group waving flags supporting the president and calling on the attorney general to do more to prosecute the former vice president.

A picture of the small gathering was shared on Twitter by Glenn Kessler, editor and chief writer for The Washington Post, showing the group of people standing near the edge of the street. Mike Balsamo, a reporter for The Associated Press, added that officials from the Department of Justice said that Barr actually met with the protesters and even took pictures with some of them.

Barr has been criticized for claims that he has used his position to protect Trump from investigation and taken politically motivated actions meant to help the president. As The Inquisitr reported, author and prominent Trump opponent Don Winslow alleged on Twitter that Barr had shut down six investigations into Trump, his business interests, and close surrogates.

“I’m told Barr has also prevented *two new* investigations from moving forward,” Winslow wrote, citing unnamed sources within the Department of Justice.

Winslow’s accusation came hours after a report that Barr instituted a change that would require his approval before the FBI launches an investigation into a political candidate during the election campaign, a move that critics believe was meant to protect Trump and keep him personally abreast of any potential investigation against him.

The gathering at Barr’s home this weekend appeared to be a response to the public accusations Trump has made against his opponent, accusing him and his adult son, Hunter Biden, of corruption and demanding that they be brought to justice. At a campaign rally in Georgia last month, Trump said they should be thrown in jail, encouraging chants of “lock him up” from supporters in the style of chants popular against Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

“That Biden family and others, but that Biden family is corrupt, a corrupt family,” he said, adding, “We should lock him up. Lock up the Bidens. Lock up Hillary.”

The Democratic candidate’s son has become a major target for Trump supporters, who claim that he improperly used his father’s influence to further his business dealings in Ukraine. Joe Biden has denied any wrongdoing.

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