At Georgia Rally, Donald Trump Calls For Joe Biden To Be Thrown In Jail: ‘Lock Up The Bidens’

Donald Trump took aim at his Democratic opponent in a sharp attack on Friday, telling supporters at a campaign rally in Georgia that Joe Biden should be thrown in jail.

As Newsweek reported, Trump was speaking before a crowd on Friday evening when he laid into both the former vice president and members of his family, prompting the crowd to begin chanting “lock him up” in the style of chants he led against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“That Biden family and others, but that Biden family is corrupt, a corrupt family,” he said, adding, “We should lock him up. Lock up the Bidens. Lock up Hillary.”

Trump went on to take aim at Hunter Biden, the Democratic candidate’s 50-year-old son who has become the target for a number of attacks. Trump this week promoted a controversial New York Post article that claimed to have uncovered emails showing that the younger Biden leveraged his father’s position in the Barack Obama administration to advance his own business interests in Ukraine.

The report has been disputed, with some critics saying there is no evidence that the email is genuine and challenging the veracity of other claims.

But Trump pushed forward, accusing the younger Biden of corruption and saying the pair are involved in a “criminal enterprise.”

“Can you imagine if my kids did what this guy Hunter has done? When you look at what they get away with,” he added. “In my opinion, it’s a criminal enterprise. He’s like a vacuum cleaner. The father goes through and the son comes in a vacuum cleaner. Millions of dollars.”

As The Inquisitr reported, it was the second time in a matter of hours that Trump called for a political opponent to be thrown in prison. Earlier in the day, he appeared at a campaign event in Florida and mentioned Clinton, prompting chants of “lock her up!” from the crowd.

Trump said that while he “used to just be quiet on that,” he now felt free to share that he agrees with the sentiment and believed she should be imprisoned.

Trump has gotten in trouble for unsubstantiated claims about Joe Biden in the past, most notably in an episode with Ukraine’s president in which he appeared to press for an investigation of the Bidens. The incident led to a congressional investigation and to his eventual impeachment, though he was acquitted in a trial before the Senate.

Trump has trailed Biden in national polling, with a number of recent polls showing Biden with a double-digit lead.

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